Originally created 01/16/97

Hopes for further study of chemicals 011697 - The Augusta Chronicle

I'm writing about this Agent Orange. I'm positive each disease attacks certain people, not all! Chemicals introduced to the body change your chemistry. These men and women are sick. The only thing that connects them all seems to be Agent Orange.

It's up to our government to find answers. Their promises to our service personnel aren't worth the paper they are signed Ä for example (the promise of) full medical (care) for life! I know; I'm a dependent of a retired man, staying with him 22 years of his Army career and 15 years and after, and it's awful.

I've been diagnosed with myofacial syndrome, arthritis and other symptoms. I've been out of work since 1990 and still I'm sick.

With no new findings, was I one of these few people who it attacked and not my husband or friends? President Clinton did what was right for the veterans and still needs to do more for everyone of us to find out what these chemicals from the wars are doing. The latest was (Iraq); who's next? The United States seems to be next.

Rebecca Rebeck, Grovetown


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