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Defends Florida's outspoken coach 011697 - The Augusta Chronicle

Re Jeffrey L. Brown's Jan. 8 letter explaining his distaste for Florida Coach Steve Spurrier:

I wonder how much respect Mr. Brown would suddenly find if Coach Spurrier decided he'd like to coach Mr. Brown's Georgia Bulldogs? As in all things, (some) coaches have actually evolved from the days when even Podunk University's 1-10 football team was considered a threat and a challenge (see all pre-game comments by Vince Dooley). The days of the (knuckle-dragging) good ol' boy college coach are waning. Coach Spurrier speaks his mind, and sometimes the truth hurts.

As for the Florida-Georgia rivalry, the coach did say that it was no longer a rivalry. He didn't say that it never was. It is true, I'm sorry for Mr. Brown, that Georgia's program is not what it was under Coach Dooley. Florida looks upon Tennessee and Florida State as their rivals now. Ten years from now, it might be Mississippi State and Kentucky!

Coach Spurrier is probably the best mind in college football today. Perhaps his style sometimes puts people off, but he is neither cruel nor whining. He is often honest, and that turns others off. His detractors would all be singing a different tune if he arrived at their school to turn their programs into national championship ones!

Gwen Tant, North Augusta


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