EPA ignores Congress

The Freon criminals

Hails Citadel's choice of Grinalds

Derides Citadel hazers as `cowards'

Social worker tells story of serial killer's boyhood

Metro and area briefs

Beasley unveils S.C. legislative agenda

Lawmakers plan to slow down teen drivers and speed up hospital competition in 1997 session

Aiken City Council votes not to build industrial park

Citadel harassment charges weaken local student's resolve

Mathis won't face charges, solicitor says

Augusta commissioners try to force meeting to choose fire chief

Aiken Remodeling grants limited

General Assembly begins session with parole, welfare and education reform

Metro and region briefs

General Assembly begins session by changing the rules

Election dominates talk on first day of Legislature

Kennedy Middle School rewarded with deregulation status

Columbia County Health board proposes smoking law

Great-grandmother helps with emergency delivery

Two female cadets who claim harassment not returning to Citadel

Fort sees more cases of unexploded ordnance

Governor's race promises to stir up Legislature

Columbia deputy accused of helping in jail escape close to being cleared

Council to discuss costs of new landfill

Augustans fill state's top political slots

Citadel sets new policy for cadets

Some want more taxes on mobile homes

Center may cut half of drug-abuse staff

Rips Beasley, others over flag issue 011397 - The Augusta Chronicle

How will Cleland vote? 011397 - The Augusta Chronicle

Calls Rebel flag opponents `whores' 011397 - The Augusta Chronicle

Contends joke is on the constituents 011397 - The Augusta Chronicle

Generous Knox gift 011397 - The Augusta Chronicle

Hits Christians for not taking stand 011397 - The Augusta Chronicle

Packers' quest too much for kiddie cats

Patriots put trust in Bill Parcells

NFC notebook - Ex-Falcon and Jaguar Rison gets shot at Super Bowl ring

Mathew Campbell diary - Panthers eager for next year

Jaguar notebook - Jefferson turns in big plays

Packers fans let it all out

Former Georgia Tech player scores for Packers

Brunell's version of Jaguar championship fell five yards short

Old Jaguars show up to give Patriots a Superbowl

Basketball roundup - surprising Terps on tear

Woods in driver's seat after Mercedes playoff

Gamecocks choice of Rebels star

Clemson Tigers ranked third

Becker feels his age, loses opener to Spanish star, 20

Jaguar briefs - lights go out before game begins

Packers coach turns to Super Bowl veterans Beebe, McMahon for help

Packers and Patriots headed to Superbowl

Packers big favorites in Las Vegas

Q&A with the Jaguars and Patriots

Lombardi's shadow big for Holmgren

NBA action - Heat scorches Bullets, Laettner steers Hawks past Cavs

Jaguars end losing streak - Lady Jags also victorious

Becker changes departure plans

Favre lives up to own great expectations

Jaguars bag of miracles becomes bag of mistakes

Kentucky tests Dogs in Athens

NCAA changes rules on work for athletes

Wooden bridges making a comeback

Q&A - Ask The Chronicle

Home builder

Wavy walls

The big secret to losing weight is exerting self-control

Seniors' calendar

Can this marriage be saved? - sex is not only proof of love

Dodging evils of flu season matter of luck, education

Augusta Symphony offers delightful divergent performance

Screen test

Paine College stresses its family orientation

Your style

Labels have retrospective Sinatra discs already in hand

SEC wants corporate filings written in English

Augusta legislators say state gas tax unlikely to rise

New Denny's ads to feature more blacks

Atlanta Fed chief says workers needed

Reports show 1996 ended on encouraging note for workers

What to know as Nasdaq changes its ways

Analysts says recovery will persist

Business briefs

Makers of smut and electronics strange bedfellows at industry show

Typewriter fans find an Internet link to past

Products that defy categorizaton

Some Internet providers turning back the clock on flat rates

Atlantis en route to Russian station after `gorgeous launch'

No light exercising or light reading for this astronaut

Plan to wire Aiken classrooms far from completion

Internet `enhancement' fund remains untouched

Apple to focus on core markets