Business as usual?

Williams on the move

Finds AT&T rules `unreasonable'

Believes `smut' ban violates freedom

Terminate giveaways

Revisit poker mess

Scorns Postal Service difficulties

Gingrich's gutsy win

Small portions - bits about food

Eggplant - the fried and the prejudice

More teens with acne could find themselves on the pill

House elects Gingrich speaker by three votes

Cookbook news - a Sicilian cookbook

Former city mismanaged HUD loans, Audit says

Successful dress

Five businesses told to unplug poker games

Beasley plans raises

Democrat chosen to fill New Ellenton council

Shrenko touts preparation program

Crossing guard hit, not seriously hurt

2 found guilty of murder

Aiken County school district sues North Augusta

Prominent Danish citizens rally to aid industrialist

Edgefield chairman keeps post

Fort to prevent fires with fire

Wallace convicted of nine murders

Plan would stop early releases

Area Briefs

Photo - Preparing tank for removal

Board fails to name fire chief

City officials to improve use of funds

Photo - Salvaging the bricks

Area News Briefs

Legislators consider more freedom for hospitals

Gas prices to stay at holiday levels

Landfill deal isn't settled yet

County plans how to spend $40 million

Photo - Going once, going twice...

County engineer ousted

Bill Kirby - `Typical' family is obsolete

Denounces `divisive' School Board 010997 - The Augusta Chronicle

Scoffs at call for higher judge pay 010997 - The Augusta Chronicle

Massey's first step 010997 - The Augusta Chronicle

Futurity shaping up as one to remember

Pro boxing will return to Augusta

USC gets fast start in SEC

ACC-SEC Insider - Fogler contemplates Grant

Augusta State loses to Armstrong Atlantic

Moody is fired by Tigers' West

Diary - Polar bears ready for the tundra

NFL knows Jaguars now

Barnes has them dreaming big dreams

Wake duo overwhelms Tech

College Notes- Ward staying with Dogs

Beasley bets barbecue on game

Dogs win against Vandy

Maryland rallies to top Heels

Hope springs Westside

Rutgers-Camden snaps 117-game losing streak

Clemson's resilience could earn new high ranking

Panthers' Poole picked on, but holding his own

In Golf, It's the Year of the Tiger

Pistons' bench triggers team's turnaround

Once unwanted, Johnson's found a home with Panthers

Aerial art

Money lessons teach kids something of value

Health calendar - upcoming events dedicated to wellness

Group name dies with lead singer

Garlic may help reduce cholesterol levels, research finds

Health capsules - fitness news and notes

Family gives UGA business school 20,000 Coke shares

Business Briefs

Fox says Super Bowl ads sold out at average price of $1.2 million

Program that trains for specific jobs to expand

Consumer advocate's Car Book rates 1997 models

Recall of hair-eating doll draws mixed response

Project creates excitement

King family, Time Warner announce joint multimedia-publishing venture

Overall job cuts declined in last half of '95

Plant closing will cost 175 their jobs

Stakes are high for electronics industry

Look past the rubble of Amelio's Apple speech

Intel to unveil faster Pentium chip

The faithful gather - and ponder the future of Apple

Peru Rebels Go to the Web

Woe be to those who aren't Apple-polishers

AOL cuts access in Russia

French watchdogs take Georgia Tech Internet site

Here's how to make friends with your new computer

Professor's Holocaust hoax Web site prompts free speech debate

Apple supporters told about bright future

Frustrated with the record industry, Todd Rundgren turns to the Internet