Originally created 01/08/97

Believes `smut' ban violates freedom

Re the Jan. 5 letter by V. Lawler, "Hopes PX ban on `smut' is upheld":

This country was founded on a premise of freedom for all, not just a few. It was for the freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom from oppression, just to name a few. As the years have passed, I`ve noticed that our once-great country has slowly moved away from the ideals from which this country was born. The government has been eroding our rights and dictating our life more as time has passed. Now, don't get me wrong, I love this country and would not choose to live elsewhere. But this country is being brought down by these laws which rob us of our freedoms.

I don't like nor do I read any pornography. ... But I do understand an adult's right to read and enjoy it. I find it morally degrading, but where does it say that I have the right to force my morals on others? I will not, nor should others, force their moral beliefs on others as long as their actions bring no harm to anyone other than themselves.

Our government has slowly robbed our freedoms from us. It makes us wear seat belts, even though I would wear them without a law; it makes us wear helmets, even though again I would wear one without being told to. Laws such as these are not our government's right to dictate. ...

When you take one freedom away you are killing the ideals of our Founding Fathers. Where does this stop? I'll tell you where. If we continue to allow our freedoms to be eroded, we will obtain the type of government we as a people despise. We will be living in a Socialist state where every faction of our lives will be dictated to us by our governmental leaders, and then it will be too late. ...

David W. Nowakowski, Waynesboro

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