Originally created 01/08/97

Scorns Postal Service difficulties

It is no wonder that an increasing number of people and businesses are leaving the "world renowned" United States Postal Service for more inexpensive and convenient computer mailing services. From my own experience with constant rate increases and increased postal "regulations," I am becoming more displeased and dissatisfied with complications involved in simply mailing 2,300 monthly newsletters second class.

What we used to carry to the post office in two trays, each measuring 2 square feet by 4 inches deep, we now take in 45 specially marked boxes, each measuring 1 square foot by 5 inches deep. Each box has its own cover and requires "special" plastic strapping that costs about $1 per box and must be obtained at a postal supply center other than the post office. Although we are now doing all the sorting for the U.S. Postal Service, we have not been given a cheaper rate, a computer sorting program or any "benefits."

At the "rate" it is going, it appears the U.S. Postal Service may just end up being left out in the "rain, sleet and snow" by the computer age.

Timothy Fellows Jr., Augusta


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