Originally created 01/07/97

Some things never change, like routine

I got an early start Monday. Arrived at Ericsson Stadium about 7:15 a.m. to lift weights. I might have felt like sleeping in after Sunday's win over Dallas, but we have a routine and this is no time to change now.

That's one reason I joined three of my teammates - fullback Howard Griffith, tight end Walter Rasby and wide receiver Dwight Stone - for a big breakfast (eggs, sausage, pancakes) at The Brown Derby in Charlotte.

That's our usual Monday Breakfast Club. We started this tradition at midseason, about the time we started our eight-game winning streak. Some people won't admit it, but I think there's a superstitious side to all of us.

After we got back to the stadium, I received treatment. Nothing serious, just the usual post-game aches and soreness. I spent some time in the whirlpool and iced what I needed to ice, then spent a few minutes stretching and doing a little light running.

From there we gathered for a series of meetings. Coach Capers spoke for about 20 minutes, reviewing the statistics from the last game and talking about what the offense, defense and special teams accomplished or didn't accomplish. A little later we had our special-teams meeting - I'm on the field-goal team - which is usually a lot of fun. We see who got (or gave) cheap shots and give each other a hard time.

We spent the next hour with our position coaches. As offensive linemen we watched the Dallas game film with Jim McNally, our head position coach, and Blair Bush, his assistant. An hour may seem like a long time, but it's actually pretty short. Those meetings usually last a little longer when you lose than when you win.

By then it was time to meet with the media in our locker room. We don't usually do interviews on Mondays, but this is a big week. I didn't do too many and was able to leave after about 15 minutes. The prime-time players, guys like Kerry Collins and Wesley Walls, stayed the whole 45 minutes.

I was anxious to leave anyway because I knew I was coming home. My grandmother, Hedwig Golek, was visiting from Mannheim, Germany, and I wanted to make sure I saw her before she went home this weekend.

A group of us went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner around 5:30. My parents, Bruce and Ursala Campbell, joined us. So did my Grandma, my brother, Richard, and his wife, Shannon. We didn't talk much about football, just told stories and caught up on how things are going.

Tuesday is an off day for us, so I'll spend Monday night at my parents' house. My dad and I plan to play a little golf, and I'll head back up to Charlotte sometime in the afternoon.


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