Originally created 01/07/97

Teen loves cool job with go-carts

To eager go-cart riders, Jason Klozer can either be a very popular - or an envied - guy.

Jason, a junior at Lakeside High School, is among a small group of workers at Funsville who handle the brightly colored go-carts.

To many teens, his job is one of the coolest teen jobs in Augusta. He works 25 hours a week at the entertainment center in Columbia County.

"I have fun every day I come out here," said Jason, 18. "It doesn't seem like work."

Most of all, he enjoys meeting people from all over the area and seeing kids excited about riding the vehicles. But the best nights are when the park is packed and both go-cart tracks are filled.

"When you get a bunch of people out here, it makes the job better," he said.

When there's a wreck or when a driver spins out of control, he has to run across the curvy track, dodging and hopping over the speeding vehicles. A few employees have been hit by the carts, but none were seriously hurt, he said.

"Running around, pushing out wrecks, it's a blast," he said.

Jason, who used to work at a grocery store, got the job in July because he wanted to work outside with the go-carts. His weekday hours are from 4 to 9 p.m. and from 4 p.m. until midnight at least one night during the weekend.

"It hasn't gotten boring yet," he said.

That's not saying the job isn't tough or frustrating. Although a big sign above him warns people not to bump the go-carts, he has to kick people off the vehicles for bumping nearly every day.

One night last summer, he had to take one of his friends off a go-cart because he bumped a driver.

"When you have to kick somebody off that you know, that's the worst part," he said.

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