Originally created 01/07/97

Jabs columnist for bowl predictions

Re Mike Berardino's Jan. 1 column concerning big bowl guesses, "Big bowls bring bevy of guesses":

I'm sure I'm not alone in hoping that he will stop "prognosticating in public."

Out of seven Bowls on which he offered his opinion, four of those teams lost, including the national championship game, for a whopping 43 percent correct.

I've also noticed that he has a tendency to favor the ACC in his game coverages and picks although the ACC had an unimpressive 1-3 record in the bowls. Conversely, the SEC teams turned in a stellar performance in post-season bowls, going 5-0 including a national championship, therefore proving themselves as the premier collegiate football conference in the nation.

Mr. Berardino must be pleased that his job is based on opinions, not results.

Dale Villemain, Martinez


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