Originally created 01/07/97

Rejects Christmas trees as `idol worship'

There is nothing wrong with decorating your home or yard for the Christmas season. But when you cut a tree down, bring the tree into your home, wrap it with gold and silver decorations and put presents under it, there is a problem. This is idol worship.

We adorn a tree ("Got to have a tree - Christmas ain't right without a tree") and then we offer up our presents unto it. Is this not idol worship?

Better to build a manger, if anything, and place your presents around it offering them up to God in thanks for sending Jesus to be born to die for our sins so that we may all have salvation.

What happens to that tree after Christmas day? The tree dies and cannot do anything for you. What happened to Jesus after His birth and life? Jesus died, but by God's mighty power He got up again with all power over death. He gives life. Which would you rather serve: a tree, or a God who has power even over death? The problem here is, when something becomes so prevalent in your life that it takes away from truth and God, then it becomes an idol god.

But remember,"Thou shall have no other god before me." You will say, "I don't look at my Christmas tree like that." Ask yourself: "Can I do without the Christmas tree one year, not put it up in 1997 and dedicate all my attention to the birth of Jesus Christ?" Your answer will tell you where you are.

But don't feel bad. There are churches (God's sanctuary) which have Christmastime trees in them each year, and yet profess Jesus Christ. But they worship a tree!

To those who think I am taking all the fun out of their Christmas, you are wrong, I just want to ... get the truth back into Christmas.

There is joy in knowing. Now Christmas is everyday in that I understand God blesses me (not Santa Claus), and in turn I can be a blessing to someone else. ...

Earl V. Gardner, Aiken


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