McGriff may head into spring training at first base

Business Briefs

Will inflation rear its ugly head in '97?

Season's greetings from the IRS

Postal rates may be going up next year

Index funds shine again

Kiwi to resume scheduled service Jan. 20

Construction spending rises; single-family housing outlays in check

UPS announced February rate increases

Savannah's Great Dane Trailers sold

Ice cream maker names new CEO

Calls for `elimination' of air bags

We want mail, so here's some fodder to Spurrier you on

Cavalry rides to rescue

Denounces `People vs. Larry Flynt'

Got it wrong

Spurns PC advice; prefers Macintosh

Disdains gridlock, Newt's troubles

Focuses reform on responsibility

Bill Kirby - Doctors link stress, sickness

WJBF's `Incorrect' promos

A congressional `truth' rule

Cites HMO emphasis on prevention

Ghosts of Mississippi is focused on wrong race

Beatles fan won't say `Hello-Goodbye' until there's one more Grammy

Poor weather hasn't stopped presidents' oath-taking

Guest columnist - only God can help us change for the better

Atheist leader, money, kids are missing

Did Elvis go back in the Army again? Pop music bores in 1996

Local and Regional News Briefs

Small convention could be year's most important

Colonials romp over Augusta

Web is site of first online scientific conference

BellSouth takes aim at long-distance market

Dramatic touch

Florida legislator charged with illegally night hunting deer

Business briefs - S.C. jobless rate holds steady

Sheriff pledges better security

Century-old book still follows `In His Steps'

University targets `career students'

Aiken tae kwon do center is planned

Grandfather arrested on defamation charge

Metro area and regional news briefs

Speaker likely to get reprimand

Female cadets wait for decision before returning

New Ellenton could reach sewer deal

Shows will explain how to seek roots

Ramblin' Rhodes - Many country acts found success in '96

Paine faces tough task against Alabama A&M

Desecrated Confederate bones to be reinterred

Making room for science

Augusta Mall 9th largest in Georgia

Photos - Officials sworn in

Gator raid yields title

Sheriff's office to keep title

Two enter guilty pleas

USC's Grant will miss weeks of practice

Court to hear case over sewer dispute settlement

Time to get 1997 entertainment calendar ready

New vault will protect old records

Gas station attendant helped capture fugitives

Regional probation director retires

Butler girls win; star out for year

New leader of airport takes over

Schedule of arts events for 1997

Augusta School Board to pick chief

Gamecocks looking for answers

Woods must not believe the hype

Collins set to answer questions

Clemson coach goes to 'Bama

Chargers' Ross resigns

Broncos aren't looking past Jacksonville

Penn State, Paterno stay perfect in Fiesta

Packers-Niners a mirror image

Championship depends on poll

Gators chomp on Seminoles

Dallas' Irvin has an alibi, lawyers claim

ACC foes lost in Deacons' wake

Gator fans gather to welcome champs

Clemson's new year looks like the old one

E-mail babble can be unraveled

Some doubt new keyboard designs mean healthier employees

Computer support staff in high demand

Firefly in the dark - previewing the movies

Year of the comet - astronomers train their sights on Hale-Bopp

Macolytes ponder Mac's future as Apple outlines software plans