Originally created 12/29/96

Opposes increase in retirement age

It's an odd way that you look at raising the Social Security retirement age to 70 years old, as you stated in your Dec. 16 editorial. Could it be that you, like our elected politicians, are thinking "let them die before they draw any Social Security benefits?" You must not check your obituary section day by day as to death ages.

The government states that some Social Security recipients are drawing more than what they pay in. I question this, in that a person who has worked 20-50 years has not only paid Social Security, but has also paid federal taxes. The average worker pays the government's bills through their lifetime of work. People in higher income brackets of $200,000 or more can beat taxes better than the average worker.

The Social Security system was set up to provide a means of dignified existence in old age. Along the years it's gotten off into many and varied ventures. The system needs to clean out fraud, cull illegal immigrants and cut off people who are not qualified by law Ä in other words, clean up their own house, maybe pass some laws that would get Social Security back to its original intent.

Our elected officials have one of the best retirement systems in the world. If they didn't they would pass the term-limits amendment. The retirement age for Social Security has already been raised one time; we don't need to raise it again.

Donald Ashley, Sandersville


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