Originally created 12/29/96

Foresee danger in pit bull's freedom

We are writing in response to the stories ... concerning the pit bull named Abraham. ... This dog had been trained to attack on command. Now that he has been "saved" from the animal shelter, he could be living next door to us or you! His life has been spared, but will it be at the expense of our children or yours?

If people want to act as good Samaritans, they should adopt the unwanted animals, both young and old, that are delivered to the animal shelter every day. These animals are not a danger to society but are euthanized when they are not adopted.

We have yet to read an article in the paper concerning the breaking and entering of the shelter to save the life of a six-month-old puppy or kitten.

We have three dogs of our own. One was adopted from the pound and another is a stray. We know the love and affection people receive from their pets; however, Abraham is not a pet. He is a menace and poses a danger to everyone around him.

We hope that whoever "saved" Abraham is prepared to assume the responsibility for any harm this dog may cause.

Richard & Leigh Rountree, Evans

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