Originally created 12/29/96

Cites recent welfare-fraud incident

Tax-and-spend liberals have cried out to their savior, Bill Clinton, to reform welfare reform. With nothing to lose in his second term, I would bet dollars to doughnuts that he will change welfare policies to help those "in need."

Am I against welfare? No. I am definitely for programs for those who legitimately need assistance until they can get back on their feet. Until then, there are, and should be, guidelines in which to receive such assistance. It is not fair for working families to have taxes taken from our paychecks to subsidize people who abuse and misuse the program.

My wife and I are in our mid 20s and have obtained college degrees. We have worked very hard to make it where we are today, but it is still a struggle to keep our heads above water. We cannot afford many luxuries that others can enjoy. We plan for the future, sacrificing the short-term rewards. That's life! No one owes us anything. But there are those who receive welfare benefits who live better than we do, while not playing by the rules.

An example occurred recently. My wife wanted to get her nails done for the holidays. This is something that she is not able to do on a regular basis. But she deserves this pampering for the work and sacrifice she makes. As she was finishing her appointment, she noticed a lady paying for her nails in a very unusual method - with food stamps! The cashier graciously smiled and accepted them as if they were real money. ...

Rather than complain, we did something to solve the problem. I made a simple call to the Augusta Department of Family and Children Services. They assured me that they will investigate this nail salon... .

I place the majority of the blame on the businesses who accept food stamps as a form of payment. I encourage anyone who witnesses this happening to please call the DFACS office at 721-3000. I hope such action will discourage people from using their food stamps for anything other than food. ...

L. Russ Dorn Jr., Augusta


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