Originally created 12/29/96

Pins program ills on government greed

Aren't we, the taxpaying public, lucky to have all these advisory panel people working to solve the Social Security fiasco - for that is what it truly is (editorial, Dec. 16).

Yes, we know about the Social Security mess and yes, we are aware of many other internal problems. We, the public, are not as stupid as the politicos wish us to be, and we do remember how all these things came about. Some of us remember that the past administrations and the government under a Democrat-ruled Congress drained off huge amounts of surplus cash from the Social Security coffers. ...

Also remembered are all the dollars left unprotected by Social Security Administration bungling. ... The problem here is not baby boomers - it is the adage of deep pockets and greed by the government. The government can't seem to grasp the idea that all the money in America is not theirs, but ... these parasites continue to leach away more and more money for their own use and abuse!

Why doesn't anyone try to tell the truth about the present Social Security problem instead of gouging the taxpayers? Why doesn't anyone hold the present government accountable for its actions against Social Security? Why shouldn't the public know how they have been duped and used by special-interest groups and deep-pocket crooks?

One can only hope that not all the taxpayers are as dumb as the government wants us to be. ...

Charlie Coker, Washington


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