Originally created 12/28/96

Questions need for shorter Christmas

In recent weeks there have been several letters to the editor relating to substituting the letter "X" for "Christ" in "Christmas." Some have suggested that "C.mas" or "'mas" would be more appropriate.

Has anyone noticed that of all the holidays, Christmas is the only one that some have found necessary to abbreviate? New Years Day, Presidents Day, Valentine's Day, Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving and Halloween all have more letters and syllables than does Christmas. Yet there seems to be no need to abbreviate them.

And have you noticed that of all the holidays, only two, both uniquely Christian, have had a diversionary anti-theme develop alongside them: Easter with its Easter Bunny and Christmas with its Santa Claus?

Why is this so? Could it be that, if those who feel the need to remove Christ from Christmas and Easter were living 2,000 years ago, they may have been part of the crowd around Pontius Pilate crying out "Crucify him! Crucify him!"?

Warren Hylton, Evans


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