Originally created 12/26/96

Relates another county 'Grinch' tale

Re the Dec. 19 letter from Alice Walker concerning the Augusta-Richmond County Library's stolen Christmas tree.

We at the tag office also were affected by the "Grinch." We put in a lot of work on our tree, too. We had dealerships loan or donate (toy) vehicles. We are now faced with coming up with the money for the vehicles that were to be returned.

The vehicles that were not to be returned were to be (donated) for Toys for Tots.

I pray that the Grinch who stole our Christmas knows that he did not spoil the Christmas for the children, because the Toys for Tots donations were taken care of.

The Lord will always provide for the children and the widows Ä and the unrighteous will answer to the Lord for the evil deeds they do.

Theresa S. Thigpen, Augusta

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