Originally created 12/26/96

Says daughter must take responsibility

Re the Dec. 16 letter by Lisa Wright about her daughter's suspension from Harlem Middle School:

Ms. Wright felt the punishment meted out by the Columbia County tribunal was too severe, and that she should have been allowed to handle the discipline herself. Unfortunately, her "gifted, well-mannered, well-behaved daughter" (her words), exercised extremely poor judgment and character when she brought alcohol to school and shared it with her friends.

The school system treated her child fairly. The punishment should be harsh for this offense. She should also provide discipline in this matter.

Ms. Wright seems to feel that because her daughter is a good student she should be dealt with less severely. On the contrary, her gifted daughter has the ability to be a role model to others. This makes her behavior even more disappointing.

She should allow her child to take responsibility for her misdeeds. She may learn a valuable lesson and her character may grow in a positive direction. Placing blame on the school system does not allow her to gain from this experience.

Dawn Gavigan, Martinez


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