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Sites offer Kwanzaa information

Three decades ago, Dr. Maulana Karenga started a celebration of African cultural heritage that is celebrated by millions of participants today.

The celebration is Kwanzaa, and the seven-day observance starts Thursday. Here are some sites to help prepare for the celebration:

One of the most complete sites is MelaNet's Kwanzaa Information Center (www.melanet.com/melanet/kwanzaa) is one of the most complete sites. Here you can learn about the origins and recent history of Kwanzaa. There's also information about the symbols of Kwanzaa such as the mkeka - the straw mat on which items are placed during the celebration.

A schedule with details of Kwanzaa events can also be found here. There's even a link with a detailed list of Kwanzaa children's books.

Part of the celebration includes the seven symbols of Nguzo Saba. You can learn more about these principles at www.earthlink.net/holidays/kwanzaa/

On Dec. 31, a "Karamu" - or feast - is held and gifts are exchanged.

The table set for a Kwanzaa feast will look much different from the traditional Christmas table. On a table set for Kwanzaa, you might find African tomato-avocado-buttermilk soup or Southern fried okra.

For information on these and many more dishes, drop by the Kwanzaa recipe page (http://members.tripod.com/~Nancy_J/Kwanzaa.htm).

Frederick Douglass Designs has an online display of Kwanzaa greeting cards. The address is: www.citycom.com/fddesigns/.


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