Originally created 12/25/96

Celebrates birthday of Jesus Christ

Today I would like to say "Happy birthday, Lord Jesus," to my personal Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ - the crucified, risen, only begotten Son of God.

The exact day on which Jesus Christ was born has not been determined. However, this day has been set aside to honor and acknowledge His birthday. I am thankful that Jesus was sent from God into this world to be born a human being.

The name "Jesus" was given to Him initially through an announcement to Mary, His mother-to-be, by the angel, Gabriel, before Jesus was born. But also exciting is to think of Him in his pre-human existence. Before He was born as a human being, He still existed. He exists before all things and after all things because He is eternal. ...

It is interesting to meditate upon God's redemptive plan as seen from prophetic references in the Old Testament. The prophet Isaiah wrote an exciting proclamation in chapter 7, verse 14, announcing that a virgin shall conceive. This prophecy was fulfilled in the birth of Jesus Christ. The prophet again, in the 53rd chapter, writes prophetically about the One Who is to be wounded and bruised for our iniquities.

The prophetic writing is so vivid that one can almost picture Isaiah standing at the foot of the cross recording the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Finally, the prophet Micah writes an astounding prophecy in chapter 5, verse 2, when he announces the birthplace of the Savior, the town of Bethlehem. ...

Michael Hensley, Augusta

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