Economic slows but is steady

Erased: company loses it all when $17,000 worth of computer records disappear

Holidays excite wrapping paper manufacturer

Home renovations, trips replace traditional gifts

Job could be on line at office party

Jury rules ABC journalists committed fraud in undercover Food Lion report

Gas tax gouge

Suggests another Christmas shortcut

Gouge me, Elmo

Don't cry for Eva

Poses choice of skating or robbery

Distances Santa from mall policy

Tackle S.C. car rates

Counters privatization enthusiasm

Speculates on welfare's price tag

HMO wars heating up

Denounces video poker's comeback

Reins in idea of ASU Columbia site

Asserts Beasley `lied' about banner

Defends embattled youth program

Contemplates U.S. global concerns

Points to savings for tag change

Ethnic cards convey cultural diversity

Innovation has brightened Christmas trees over years

Eilat is suitable place to take a breather

Spiritual business

Seasonal favorites - Augusta authors reveal treasured holiday works

Retailers get green Christmas

Golden Hawks take title

Aiken hopes art center spurs downtown growth

Volunteers give good will to mankind

Romance in uniform - the rules can be blurry

Business briefs - parent company of Osbon Medial Systems reaches distribution agreement

Parking ticket penalty unclear

Visit to Shriners Hospital inspires Jackets' Watkins

'Tis better to give

Husbands of soldiers lack formal support

Pena picked as Energy Department head

Redistricting may touch local seats

Aiken man saves cat from house fire

River rivals unequal in tourism

Two states do battle over tritium production

Former gas factory cleanup includes Augusta Canal

Baston is brightest star in Thoroughbred Classic

Locals cautiously optimistic about Pena nomination

Process is tested at SRS

Poll finds voters edging toward Beasley's flag plan

20th-century technology brings 18th-, 19th-century books to life

Carolers share joy of season

Movie actress McQueen remembered for kindness

North Carolina wins Shrine

Booknotes - new book from Aiken native out

Turkey group quietly grows

Gingrich admits violations

Westside drops a pair to Richmond Academy

Aiken bird watchers join national event

ASU finds hope for funding of building improvements

Hard-hitting dramas becoming more common in youth services

Jesus can be confusing to kids

Business briefs - GIW Industries bought by German subsidiary

Pena moves from one hot seat to another with shift to Energy Department

Teamwork leads Dogs over struggling Cougars

Son seeks to repeat father's state title for Americus

Wildcats hope to crack ACC barrier with Ga Tech game

Hawks are out to prove a point

NFL coaches stand on thin ice

Weary Terps win

A tale of two quarterbacks

High school championship notebook - Bethea kicks himself over short effort last week

Mary visiting more frequently, believers say

He's back? Apple may rehire Steve Jobs

Carl Sagan, astronomer, storyteller and visionary, dead at 62

The Web at warp speed - a primer on fast access

Apple chief says expect `lots of new stuff' in '97

Marty's mischief tickles toddlers with sound-activated control

Yule Web sites multiply like Christmas sales

DC Webgrrls - `It's like a cigar club for women'

With Jobs' return, Apple goes back to its core