Originally created 12/21/96

Counters privatization enthusiasm

Re Frank Lomonte's Dec. 14 column on the Georgia War Nursing Home:

The employees affected by the cuts lauded in his article were not informed that these plans had been approved. The cloud of privatization has been hanging over their heads since July, and they found out that their worst fears had come true by reading your paper.

I had to tell my wife, when she awoke that morning, about the column. I watched the fear in her face turn to panic when she realized her staff in the dietary department had also probably just found out. That became a reality as soon as her pager went off, and she had to call her employees and try to answer questions that she had no answers for.

I am appalled your paper printed this story without checking to see if anyone at the home knew anything about it. ...

Director Charles Esposito may consider these job cuts minimal, but I don't think his employees would agree. Mr. Lomonte missed the boat on this one. What you have here is a bureaucrat protecting his fiefdom on the backs of his employees. He should be ashamed... .

Mark Weather, Martinez

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