Originally created 12/21/96

Speculates on welfare's price tag

The only cost figures available to the average voter regarding welfare pregnancy costs are in billions or trillions of dollars. The figures are so large that they are meaningless.

Try this on for size. It would be understood by the voter. What is the final cost, if it can be calculated, of one pregnancy by someone who cannot afford to give birth and raise a child without complete federal, state and local government financial assistance? Could you please have someone total it up from the time of conception to the child's adult death?

This includes medical, food stamps, WIC, AFDC, housing, etc. The costs should cover the mother as well as the child. The costs must be terribly high, yet low enough to be understood by the average taxpayer. I would hazard a guess of more than $1 million over a lifetime, not even allowing for inflation.

Is there any wonder that taxpayers are up in arms and disgusted with a system that rewards and encourages people to have babies and ride the merry-go-round? Oh, well; that is one way to insure an unending supply of left-wing liberal voters. God help us.

Howard H. Inman, Thomson

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