Originally created 12/20/96

Aiken Housing Committee to offer two downtown houses for sale

AIKEN - Aiken's Housing Committee has set its sights on selling two vacant houses off Richland Avenue to increase downtown housing and repay the city a $125,000 loan.

Leasa Segura, special projects coordinator for the city, said Thursday the committee wants to sell a brown house and yellow house at the corner of Richland Avenue and Greenville Street, for $70,500 and $64,500 respectively.

Aiken Corp., which seeks to increase downtown housing, borrowed $125,000 from the city Sept. 30 to buy the houses and sell them for residential use. The Housing Committee was formed by Aiken Corp.

The group plans to reimburse the city within 12 months at 7 percent interest.

"We'd like to go ahead and sell the houses, and that will determine how much we've invested in the deal and how much we've netted out of it," Ms. Segura said. "We'd like to break even at minimum."

Ms. Segura plans to place "For Sale" signs in front of the houses next week. She also said she will mail letters giving the sales prices to 14 people who've voiced an interest in buying the houses.

In other business, Ms. Segura said the committee is reviewing a proposal from a local developer to build upscale housing on a one-acre tract behind 504 Richland Ave.

Ms. Segura mailed out 70 proposal requests in September to real estate developers possessing an Aiken business license. No offers were received by the Nov. 4 deadline.

Housing built on the tract would cost under $100,000, she said.


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