Originally created 12/20/96

Suggests help from zoning clause

I live in Richmond County and am facing the same thing as Doug Novin (letter, Nov. 28, "Targets commissioner after rezoning").

Richmond County has what is called a reversionary clause in its comprehensive zoning ordinance. This allows the Commission to look at the zoning of any properties that have been rezoned and not developed for a period of 18 months or longer. It then can start a reversionary process to decide if the rezoned property still meets the best interests of the community.

I do not know if Columbia County has such an avenue to explore, but it would certainly have helped Mr. Novin's situation if it did. As for Columbia County Commissioner Jim Whitehead, I do not know of him except what I have read in Mr. Novin's letter, but we do not want that type of politics in Richmond County, either.

I promise, we are noticing.

Fred Reed, Augusta


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