Originally created 12/20/96

Dismisses call to raise retirement age

I think The Chronicle's Dec. 16 editorial suggestion to raise the Social Security retirement age to 70 is appalling!

In the obituary section of that same edition, 46 percent of the people listed were under 70 years of age when they died. How many people who have worked all of their adult lives will never collect one penny of Social Security if the age is raised to 70?

Even if an individual does live to 70, what percentage of workers are physically able to maintain a grueling work schedule until the age of 70? Even if they are physically able, will management allow older workers to keep their jobs or will they be "persuaded" (meaning forced) to retire well before the age of 70?

Another problem: If everyone worked until age 70, what would that do to job opportunities, advancement and promotions for younger workers? Wouldn't that keep these younger workers on the lower rungs of the career ladder for a long time?"

We all want to preserve Social Security. However, raising the retirement age to 70 is ill-conceived.

Carol Jarrard, Augusta

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