From three U.S. jumbo jet makers to one

Possible Continental-Delta merger disappears from radar

Now serving ... again

Coca-Cola introducing new product during Super Bowl

Workers optimistic following merger announcement

Women make salary gains but pay inequities remain

Lauds recent arts reviews, coverage

Busbee's stone wall

Defends video poker as `good fun'

Agrees skaters should be left alone

Bank executive bound for Atlanta

Doubts politicians' `color-blindness'

Blames system for daughter's woes

Mocks defenders of `moral relevancy'

Phone idea no gimmick

Urges fellow teens to slow down

Esquire hands out annual dubious achievement awards

To get to sole of fashion, just buy socks

Blessing the site

Fewer dead white males at College of Charleston?

Sales tax would reduce homeowners' tax

Time's running out

Columbia County awaits ambulance service bids

Council approves tax plan

Allendale County is worst in state for kids, poll says

Holiday Photo Gallery: Brightening the holidays

Council to discuss controversial issues

Two women quit corps activities

Missing evidence called mistake

Xtreme Calendar

Auditors question state spending on cancer data

Accident could have been worse

Monitors keep order during ride

Managed care horror stories are impetus for new measures

Site cleanup set to begin next month

Ridership nearly doubles for the Best Friend Express

Elmo for Sarah

Campaigning for Gamecocks

Jones urges literal faith in Scripture

Butler faces tough Florida tourney foes

Army instructor found innocent in third court-martial

Fuel rod decision expected

Canal authority will choose new chairman

Cadets aim for teaching career

Business briefs

Patrick plans to stay active

Skills most valuable in job market

911 didn't have Olympic addresses before bombing

Clinic doctors often idle

Hawks prep for next opponent

College notes

East Carolina tests Georgia

Carolina on mission to take title

Falcons' defense blasted by exasperated Smith

Frustration vented by Falcons

Once is enough for Gamecocks, Tigers

Ex-coach Glanville not feeling least bit sorry for Falcons

Rangers close on Wetteland

Emory can offer life-changing experiences

Your Style

Rodman feeds on negativity

Internet users are news readers, watchers, listeners, poll says

High-tech product line grows at firm that floppy disks built

Nothing stops underage drinkers from entering alcohol web site

People are baring all on Web

Net reflects diversity - good and bad - of society

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