Jury selection starts in Food Lion-ABC case

Third-quarter current account deficit balloons to $48 billion

Year-end forecast predicts continued moderate economic growth

Wired anti-tech

Concurs on Clinton's moral failings

Give ships idea a shot

Right pick for ATI

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Denies Aiken has `a crime problem'

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Peter S. Knox III

Tigers spitting images

Big Government end?

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Classic toys old standbys for holidays

Tindal family buries victims of accident

Property owner promises cleanup

FBI offers cash for help in solving Olympic park bombing

Mall deal near completion

Rebels looking for AAAA crown

Plutonium plan announced

TV programming stuffed with holiday cheer

U.S. officials hope Russia steps up destruction of plutonium

Web posted Dec. 11 at 02:49 AM Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar

Accident halts work at former plant to contain polluted soil

Miller wants to turn up heat on truancy

State defends flag as issue goes to federal appeals court

Customers lament Santa photo policy

High court hears case on voters

Kids get shopping spree

Attack of the Barbie Doll

Judge rejects motion to dismiss charges


Monsanto discloses plans for change

Inbreeding has its advantages, research shows

25 years and counting

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Brown foods in pan instead of batter-frying

In style

Family matters

Georgia Online Network brings state government to Georgians

Netscape and five Baby Bells join to offer Internet access

A computer for Christmas? Should you buy now or wait?

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Fake `gansta' site raises hi-tech high anxiety

A computer for Christmas? Should you buy now or wait?

Jury awards nearly $6 million to three computer keyboard workers