Originally created 12/09/96

Sees bigger problems than skaters

There seems to be an upsurge of complaints from Augustans who feel that skateboarders should be banned from the downtown area. How have we as Americans let our priorities plummet to such unbelievable depths? There are so many other more important issues to tackle than the problem of someone's toes getting run over by a skateboarder. Why aren't we trying to combat illiteracy and homelessness and figure out a solution to end world hunger? Instead we are trying to rid the streets of people who ride on four little wheels.

Many of the complainers may feel that if we take a grass-roots approach to this and eliminate the skateboarders, we can tackle some of those tough problems.

I am glad that there has been a resurgence of skateboarders. I thought it had become a lost art.

Samantha Royal, Augusta

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