Originally created 12/09/96

Slaps media for Rebel flag `trouble'

On Nov. 26 I heard a local newscaster make a snide remark about the Confederate flag flying above the South Carolina State House.

Therein lies the problem. Media people who would rather stir up trouble than study their nation's history.

The Confederate First National Flag was similar to the Stars and Stripes, only with wide red and white bars in the Stars and Bars. The battle flag, designed after the cross of St. Andrew, was affectionately known as the Southern Cross by those who followed it.

Remember Gen. Robert E. Lee wrote that he so abhorred slavery that he hoped no one would ever think he fought to preserve it. Abraham Lincoln was the one who said, "I don't care what those states do with their darkies as long as they pay the levies and tariffs I have imposed on them." There has never been a war in this country about slavery.

However, our greatest struggle goes on today. The right of the people and states to govern themselves without interference from the socialist politicos and their "TASS News Media" (Their Aligned Socialism Supporters).

Stan K. Flowers, Beech Island


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