Originally created 12/08/96

Chafes at welfare mom's `attitude'

Staff writer Tom Corwin's Dec. 1 story, "Welfare reform has first effects," appeared to be eliciting sympathy for those people subject to current cuts in welfare. His highlighting of (welfare recipient) Mischelle Shores in his piece has, at least with me, elicited the opposite response. The young lady, instead, spoke volumes in behalf of ending welfare "as we know it." Her attitude that society owes her continued benefits or a college-level education is astounding.

Review what she said and what she did not say. There was no mention of the fiscal responsibility of the father of her three children, her former husband. Is she actively pursuing this man's whereabouts through the agencies provided for tracking down "deadbeat dads"?

Her comments about the movies (meant to be a real tearjerker) is ludicrous. To my knowledge there is still ... a $1 movie house in the area. For $4 out of a remaining available equivalent of $568 after rent, she could have taken herself and the three children to a show at least once a year.

The tackiest of her comments, "I don't see college happening if they stick me at Waffle House," demonstrates her wrong thinking if not downright arrogance. Why is she entitled to a college education? Many young men and women who completed high school, kept their noses clean and worked hard are unable to go to college for a variety of reasons.

The most glaring example of her slovenly thinking is her twice blasting Waffle House workers. Those men and women, who work at Waffle House or any other food establishment, work hard for their money and can end their shifts with their heads held high even if their feet and backs are killing them.

Having admitted to starting off her life with a bad attitude, Ms. Shore should consider that perhaps years of welfare have solidified that bad attitude into a permanent one.

Gene Rickaby, Martinez


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