Originally created 12/08/96

Finds Harrisburg in need of cleanup

I enjoyed reading the Nov. 25 article about my place, Harrisburg. I have lived here 19 years and seen a lot of changes. But one change hasn't happened - people not caring about the alleys behind their houses.

For example, Welsch Lane and Hicks Street between Eve Street and Metcalf Street: Why don't people clean up instead of pile up? Take a ride down some of the other side streets. "Why not," people seem to think, "no one sees it, and the city doesn't care." What does it matter? You should care for yourself. Neighbors should get together and help the elderly clean up around them.

Also, run-down houses are good for drug dealers and the homeless to live. Tear the places down before someone gets hurt, or make the landlord fix them up. ... Drive by and see what I'm talking about then maybe someone will listen to us.

Shirley Mosley, Augusta

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