Red Sox lure Jimy Williams from Braves

Indians make bid to entice Smoltz

Companies to show off at jet show

Burke County plant might find new owner

Clemson ranked 12th in basketball

Notre Dame's Holtz era ending

Cold-shooting Paine falls to Morehouse

Holtz Treats resignation like any other Tuesday

Beasley's briar-patch

Ponders link of colds and cancer

Alger Hiss

'Clarifies' University HMO proposal

IRS looks to cut out the paper

Consolidation benefits

Takeout turkey

Tech bowl shot rests on final two games

Rebs' program mirror image of Georgia's

Hails teacher who wrote on student

Demand prompts schools to offer vegetarian fare

Museum names top job hopefuls

Aiken Council restricts gambling

Credits umpires with Yankees win

Richmond Commissioners mull hiring sales tax manager

A tip of the hat to philanthropy

'Misinterpretation' leaves Nutrasweet Corp. with bad taste

Despite protests, rezoning approved

Aiken to recommend zoning changes to limit video poker if it returns

Lauds veterans, and believes Dole

Collapse of jail beds raise new questions

Downtown Aiken arts center seeks funds

Houston firm will manage coliseum

Healthmaster's Garrison says judge too tough, asks for reduced sentence

Nuclear pioneer doesn't regret role

Officials debate middle school funds

Group plans suit to restore veteran's benefits

One killed, two hurt in parking lot shootout

United Way meets anonymous donor challenge

Interior secretary will tour canal

Pacers thump Morris while Lady Pacers also win

Millworker suspected of killing his son and three stepchildren

Dusty Dixie roads

For now, poker players dealt back in

Shorter scores first win over Jags

Last pair of unprecedented five area prep golf stars to sign college grants

ValuJet tape played at safety hearing

Restaurant closed after refusing to serve blacks reopens

Pregnant pause

Mercury levels on the increase in Okefenokee Swamp

Georgia retailers likely to see a merry Christmas

Voters oust school board chairman

County may use shooting center for recreational purposes

Five area players named to Shrine Bowl

Augusta promotion system left unchanged

Demands apology as Beasley retreats

Government pays $4.8 million for radiation experiments

Doctor nurses homes back to life

Belle signs contract with White Sox

Three DUI charges pending on Odomes

Cavs find solution for Blaylock, Hawks

Seven field goals send Packers packing

Mr. Television is still going

Donnan plays all the angles

Can the Tigers contain USC quarterback and talented receivers?

Location is one of Georgia Tech's big pluses

SWV members say they still mourn the loss of Tupac Shakur

North Carolina universities called key to Internet's next phase

Russian loss not expected to affect U.S. Martian plans

Out of the Myst comes Riven

Scenes from the computer industry's biggest trade show

Oldest astronaut blasts into space on final mission

After Dark updates screen saver

May the Web have mercy on your soul

Microsoft chairman touts PCs run by his software

AOL is on top and intends to stay there