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Location is one of Georgia Tech's big pluses

The college profile features a student's perspective on campus life. This week, Andrea Schieffer, a graduate of Lakeside High School, talks about Georgia Institute of Technology, where she is a freshman computer science major.

Q:Why did you decide to go to Georgia Tech?

A:Georgia Tech is supposed to be a good school in terms of job offers after you graduate. It has a good reputation that is backed up by what I've observed so far.

Q:What do you like best about the school?

A:It's in Atlanta, which has a lot to offer and always something to do. There's Five Points, which has neat little shops, and a lot of clubs in which to see bands.

Q:What do you dislike?

A:The people in general are all the same kind - real smart and into engineering. It's a conservative school, so if you're different it's hard to find people who accept you.

Q:How did you meet people?

A:In my dorm. There are a lot of activities that individual dorms do.

Q:How tough are the professors and courses?

A:The professors are really smart. They're good teachers and teach to our level. It's really comfortable to be in this environment. The classes are pretty tough. A lot of people are having trouble. They say a GPA of 2-something is good during your freshman year.

Georgia Institute of Technology

Where: Atlanta

Enrollment: For 1995 school year, 13,036 students.

Cost: For 1996-1997 school year, $2,457 for tuition for Georgia residents and $4,896 for room and board.

Application requirements and deadlines: High school transcript, four years of high school math, three years of high school science, two years of high school foreign language, SAT (last year, 81 percent made over 500 on the verbal, and 99 percent made over 500 on the math). Deadline is Feb. 1. Preference is given to state residents.

Chances of getting in: Very difficult. Last year, 7,405 applied and 1,814 were accepted.

Athletics: Member NCAA.

Housing: On-campus residence required freshmen year, and freshmen are guaranteed on-campus housing.

Security: Late-night transport service, 24-hour emergency response devices and patrols, student patrols and controlled dorm access.

Popular majors: Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and industrial engineering.

Campus clubs: More than 250 campus organizations, including 31 national fraternities and eight national sororities.

Financial aid: In 1995, 762 need-based scholarships (averaging $1,900), 2,554 non-need scholarships (averaging $1,660), short-term loans ($1,300), low-interest long-term loans (averaging $1,450), loans from external sources (averaging $3,000), 140 federal work-study (averaging $2,200). Average total aid for freshmen $3,696, meeting 63 percent of the need. Deadline for applications is March 1.

Student-faculty ratio: 20:1

Note this: Twenty-nine percent graduate in four years, 60 percent graduate in five years.

For more information: Write Ms. Deborah Smith, Director of Admissions, Georgia Institute of Technology, 225 North Ave. N.W., Atlanta, Ga. 30332-0320 or call (404) 894-4154. E-mail address is admissions@success.gatech.edu.

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