Originally created 11/19/96

SWV members say they still mourn the loss of Tupac Shakur

This week, Net Chat features the group SWV (Sisters With Voices) and excerpts from the trio's recent chat on America Online.

Q:How do you feel about Tupac Shakur's death, and did you know him?

A:We knew Tupac very well. We don't really believe that he's dead. We love him to death. It hurts us about every time we thing about it.

Q:How long did it take to make New Beginning?

A:It took forever. Or it seemed like it, anyway. We started a year late. Coko got pregnant, and we waited for her to have the baby. Once we were in the studio, it took about three months.

Q:What's the hardest thing to do in your business?

A:Concentrate. It's hard to focus. There are a lot of people and things coming at you at the same time.

Q:Do you all feel pressured sometimes to always keep a hit on the charts?

A:Sometimes, yeah. It's hard, because people expect so much from you. It's hard to maintain that.

Q:Who were your inspirations?

A:Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Bobby Brown, New Edition - so many!

Q:Do you have a favorite song from all the songs you've made?

A:We like Love Is So Amazing.

Q:Are you going to do any soundtracks?

A:We're supposed to be on the Livin' Single soundtrack and make a gospel CD with other artists.


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