Originally created 11/19/96

Ponders link of colds and cancer

Re the Oct. 19 Chronicle article, "Cancer fighter found":

This information may confirm what many have believed for years. There is a theory of disease which states that all disease is caused by buildup of toxins in the body. According to this theory the common cold, instead of being a disease, is just a process to remove some of these toxins. This theory says we should do little to keep it from running its course; it is simply another waste elimination process. The only reason there are more colds in the winter is that one elimination process - perspiration - is reduced by the colder weather.

The flu is believed to be just a stronger detoxification process, usually caused by constantly fighting colds and not allowing them to complete the job they are doing in the body. This is just theory, as much medical information is, but it does cause us to think about flu shots. Some believe that this buildup of toxins is a cause of cancer. Since flu shots may prevent a natural process, they could be one of the major causes of cancer today. Everyone needs to at least think about this as they take their flu shots. Every medical decision needs to be made with input from your doctor and from alternative medical sources. This is a theory and each person should decide for himself if it is valid and make the best decision.

There is another cancer theory called the "stress theory." I and others have observed that within a one- to two-year period after an extremely stressful period in people's lives, there is a high incident of cancer. This could relate to a stressed person usually being low on B vitamins. The simple test for this is if you recall dreaming about 50 percent of the time. If you do, your vitamin B level is probably OK. If you are in a stressful time, such as recent family death or divorce, you may want to keep your B vitamin level high. Use a B complex vitamin or brewer's yeast tablets. It certainly won't hurt and if this theory is true it could be quite beneficial.

I believe human testing using the cold virus will be successful and this will be a breakthrough in fighting cancer. ...

Eulon F. Purvis Jr., Martinez


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