Burke County plant might find new owner

Companies to show off at jet show

Clemson ranked 12th in basketball

Notre Dame's Holtz era ending

'Clarifies' University HMO proposal

Consolidation benefits

Another power-grab

Alger Hiss

Ponders link of colds and cancer

Property rights periled

IRS looks to cut out the paper

No coerced donations

Beasley's briar-patch

Rebs' program mirror image of Georgia's

Shorter scores first win over Jags

Aiken readies for cellular tower issue

Paine Classic ends with Jaguars' Bryant's 100th win

Success of anti-affirmative action forces in California has Georgia opponents hopeful

Stolen cars found underwater

Officials making progress, but jail still overcrowded

Last pair of unprecedented five area prep golf stars to sign college grants

Group plans suit to restore veteran's benefits

Pacers thump Morris while Lady Pacers also win

Collapse of jail beds raise new questions

Augusta-area pranksters win big with video

ValuJet tape played at safety hearing

Alzheimer's test set for new drug

One killed, two hurt in parking lot shootout

Restaurant closed after refusing to serve blacks reopens

Museum names top job hopefuls

Richmond Commissioners mull hiring sales tax manager

Aiken to recommend zoning changes to limit video poker if it returns

Officials debate middle school funds

Experienced bench has USC-Aiken's basketball coach feeling good

United Way meets anonymous donor challenge

Contemplates Clinton's re-election

Clinton may reduce military part of refugee-aid effort

Raps judges for custody decisions

Slams superintendent's SAT goals

County may use shooting center for recreational purposes

Gulf War vets suing chemical manufacturers

Interior secretary will tour canal

Market trying for alcohol license

Lauds Bob Dole for standing firm

Pregnant pause

Augusta getting in better financial shape

Dusty Dixie roads

Millworker suspected of killing his son and three stepchildren

Doctor nurses homes back to life

U.S. may have reacted to media

Metcalf gets first TD as Falcons win

Seven field goals send Packers packing

Panther's defense make the difference

Packers test old nemesis Aikman

At Greenbrier high, some jocks are jockeys

Strip no help to athletes

Bulls' perfect start surprises Jordan

Mr. Television is still going

SWV members say they still mourn the loss of Tupac Shakur

Location is one of Georgia Tech's big pluses

North Carolina universities called key to Internet's next phase

South Carolina nurses using hand-held computers to track patients

Video game scene: No fitter critter than Crash

Out of the Myst comes Riven

Russian loss not expected to affect U.S. Martian plans

After Dark updates screen saver

Computers 101: What's inside that box anyway?