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Packers test old nemesis Aikman

IRVING, Texas - It's nothing personal against the Green Bay Packers. Troy Aikman just seems to have his best games against them.

"He's been awesome against us," Packers coach Mike Holmgren said. "It's hard to set your defense against the run and Emmitt Smith because Troy will hammer you."

Aikman has a 6-2 lifetime record against the Packers, completing 73 percent of his passes for 1,939 yards and 11 touchdowns.

Last year, Aikman was 24-of-31 for 316 yards and two touchdowns in a 34-24 regular-season win, then burned Green Bay on 21-of-33 for 255 yards and two touchdowns in the NFC championship 38-27 win.

He gets another shot when the Dallas Cowboys (6-4) play the Packers (8-2) tonight (9 o'clock, ABC-Channel 6).

"I have no idea why it's worked out this way," Aikman said. "I just seem to have my best games against Green Bay. It seems like we almost make a lot of big plays. It's hard to figure."

The Packers have lost seven consecutive games against Dallas and thought they got lucky on Thanksgiving Day 1994, when Aikman was out with an injury.

However, backup Jason Garrett produced a big game for a 42-31 win.

"I guess until they beat us, all this will weigh on their minds," Aikman said. "The way I look at it this time is that we're the defending Super Bowl champions until it's proven otherwise. We're still a barometer for other teams. It has to be in the back of their minds whether they admit it or not."

Despite the Cowboys' 20-17 overtime win at San Francisco, Aikman said, "we're still behind the 8 ball."

But the clutch victory could have some carry over blessings.

"I think Green Bay saw the San Francisco game, and it may have made them a little nervous about us," Aikman said. "We know we'll have to play at the top of our games to beat Green Bay. "

Especially if Brett Favre is on his game.

"Brett is just outstanding," Aikman said. "I like watching him play. I like his enthusiasm."

The two quarterbacks are often compared, but Aikman wants none of it.

"We play in two different systems," he said. "I don't like to get into that comparison stuff."

Asked if he would have better statistics playing in the wide-open Green Bay offense, Aikman said, "No doubt, I'd have much better numbers."


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