Originally created 11/18/96

Slams superintendent's SAT goals

Editor, The Chronicle:

I sincerely hope that what I read in the Nov. 12 paper is not true. What kind of goal is bringing up Scholastic Assessment Test scores to a statewide average in three years when Georgia is 48th in the U.S.? What kind of goal is bringing scores up 5 percent a year? Richmond County School Superintendent Dr. Charles Larke is giving principals three years to still fall short of the national average. If they do not, is the response going to be, "It's OK, we're just going to keep trying"?

The Richmond County schools are nothing more than expensive day care centers, the quality issue is at crisis level, and all Dr. Larke expects is minor incremental progress that he doesn't even expect to be met? The community expects more from Dr. Larke. Dr. Larke must change his behavior before anyone is going to change theirs. That is part of leadership. It is also very discouraging that he does not expect this 5 percent goal to be met, and provides no incentives to get there.

Perhaps the public will bring pressure on their School Board trustees to bypass Dr. Larke's weak goals and establish some meaningful targets and incentives. If the private sector must step in to solve this crisis, we can hopefully reduce the compensation of the people who are overpaid to do it now. It is obvious all the superintendent cared about was getting $115 million.

Thomas M. Watkins, Augusta


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