Originally created 11/18/96

Raps judges for custody decisions

Editor, The Chronicle:

It never seems to end! Every day I receive calls, letters, and e-mail concerning the domestic relations/divorce court's abuse of the judicial system in our area.

Recently a soldier was transferred to Fort Gordon. This father was given custody of his children in a North Carolina court prior to the transfer. Once he and the children arrived, his ex-wife immediately took him into the Augusta Judicial Domestic Relations Division and, without any changes of conditions other than the military transfer, one of our local judges in his infinite wisdom gave the children back to the mother. I hope and pray that someone with proper qualifications will challenge these judges at the next election.

We need to change some Georgia laws and take away some of the court's discretion; change these judges' minds (and have them issue rulings in divorce/custody that are fair and unbiased); or change some judges...

Bill Paschal, Appling, Ga.

(Editor's note: The writer is secretary of the Augusta chapter of Fathers Are Parents, Too.)


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