Originally created 11/18/96

Contemplates Clinton's re-election

Editor, The Chronicle:

Now that Bill Clinton, without many morals, has won the presidential race for another four years, it's only proper and fitting that a manhole cover should be the presidential seal for his second term.

We don't have to worry about the separation of church and state during the next four years because God is an illegal alien in the White House. Hope our Judeo-Christian faith keeps us from becoming a pagan nation during Mr. Clinton's reign.

It's an outrage the way Mr. Clinton's labor henchmen used argumenta ad hominen against the doleful Bob Dole, rather than against what Mr. Dole said.

Take comfort Saddam Hussein, and Fidel Castro, because the American electorate says that character, in our world leaders, is small potatoes.

Faber Hance, North Augusta


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