Another Childers headed to Georgia

Mall of Georgia nears reality near Atlanta

Avery will wait to sign

Duke has best chance yet for first win

Add 25 deputies

Good riddance, Hazel

Agrees on call to fly U.S. flag

Georgia BASSMASTER tournament begins Thursday

BBA chances improve

Tech drops close decision to Terps

Jackets hoping Maryland win will lead to bowl bid

Chief goes from Mud to paydirt

Ponders black anti-conservatism

Smokes, and denies it causes cancer

Scans news, cites '90s `nonsense'

Fewer people dying of cancer, scientists report

Dancers in disguise

Another workday, another Dow high

Pentagon blasted on gulf war illness

Survey asks why Augustans don't come to Civic Center

Hospital planning new nursing home

Points out undisclosed relationship

Aiken officials consider school uniforms

Aiken man gets national GOP post

Friday night's football games

Food Max stores to close Nov. 23

Fort Discovery scheduled to be open by next spring

Non-profit arm of MCG approved

S.C. executes murderer

Eagles make it official

Howell a Cowboy

Jazz group takes a fresh approach

Hitchcock board sets guidelines for drag hunts

VISION goes to board next

Slams management of transit system

Daughter charged in principal's death

Schools may expand hours

Ammonium nitrate spills in South Augusta

Kearns is big-play man for Patriots

Hospital officials say city made illegal contract

Leary drops out of Cabinet

Clinton agrees to send troops into Africa

Money might have been motive

Aiken may get new industrial park

Doctors use new procedure to save teen's life

Nunn will lead effort to study social values

Cleaning up the dirt

Walker wins post as Senate majority leader

Proposals would toughen Georgia schools

Free ride is over for downtown motorists

Trustees looking for residents to oversee building

Jetliners didn't see each other

Injuries bite Josey again

Romeo and Juliet captures audience

U.S. team arrives in Rwanda

Technology Expo

Man or Astroman? What (not who) is it?

Celtics start fast, cruise past Hawks

`Dallas' cast likens movie to a family reunion

Cracking wise the 'Net

IBM boosts efforts to make and sell network computers

Online services ramp up

From now on, the mouse won't run up the clock

Internet-linked death shows the network's dark side

Compaq slashes prices

Investors can now trade online


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