Atlanta edges Cleveland

Jackson urges boycott of Texaco

ValuJet Loses $21.9 Million in Third Quarter

West wonders how Tigers handle success

Duke's basketball class may be better than Michigan's Fab five

Duke has best chance yet for first win

Avery will wait to sign

Add 25 deputies

BBA chances improve

Newt's backstabbers

Post office renovations

Georgia BASSMASTER tournament begins Thursday

Georgia Medicaid sellout

Jackets hoping Maryland win will lead to bowl bid

Shine concentrating on grades, basketball

Scans news, cites '90s `nonsense'

What's good may really be good for you

Fewer people dying of cancer, scientists report

Fire chief defends practice of donations

Pentagon blasted on gulf war illness

Doctors use new procedure to save teen's life

Mulls victory of `master con man'

Locals make national list

Civil-rights group sues Avis for discrimination

Proposals would toughen Georgia schools

Controversial restaurant to reopen

Nunn will lead effort to study social values

VISION goes to board next

Clinton agrees to send troops into Africa

Leary drops out of Cabinet

Non-profit arm of MCG approved

Cleaning up the dirt

At Oak Hill, traveling is necessary

Another workday, another Dow high

Points out undisclosed relationship

Walker wins post as Senate majority leader

Daughter charged in principal's death

Attorneys argue old law authorizes school vouchers

Ammonium nitrate spills in South Augusta

VISION planning session draws a crowd

Burke County plant could close

Avery thriving at Oak Hill

Community can't believe man among alleged rapists

Aiken may get new industrial park

1967 Masters practice video brings Hogan swing to life

Car dealer riding high on bike promotion

Fort Gordon could come under scrutiny

Some things just naturally go together.

Carter's faith

Kearns is big-play man for Patriots

Jetliners didn't see each other

Free ride is over for downtown motorists

Supreme Court refuses to set aside competition order

Nuclear weapons plan gets flak from both sides

Bemoans message sent in election

U.S. troops may aid refugees

Al Cy Young goes to Hentgen

Celtics start fast, cruise past Hawks

'She's first' becoming a thing of the past

`Dallas' cast likens movie to a family reunion

Hundreds die in India air collision

IBM boosts efforts to make and sell network computers

Online services ramp up

IBM and Microsoft step up Netscape attack

Internet-linked death shows the network's dark side