1A) Yes. Crime victims would finally have the right to be informed of criminal proceedings and to obtain restitution when legally possible. 1B) Yes. This facilitates the denial of bail for violent criminals. 2A) Yes. It bars any convicted felon from servi

What did South Carolina's 3rd Congressional District voters expect when they elected the first Republican since Reconstruction two years ago? Based on the campaign, they were looking for a representative who would work for a Balanced Budget Amendment; con

There will be two Georgia Public Service Commission seats listed on the Nov. 5 ballot. The commissioners who occupy these seats are extremely important when it comes to our wallets, so don't skip over these races! The five-member PSC oversees 40 entities,

This Burke and south Richmond County House seat is well represented by a freshman incumbent who has taken the lead in the General Assembly in fighting for a constitutional amendment to ban race-based preferences in education, jobs and voting. He will cont

This newspaper has long sided with SEN. STROM THURMOND in his stand for a limited federal government and states' rights. In fact, the one-time presidential candidate is one of America's few true statesman with a rock-solid reputation for integrity. There'

She's a wife, mother, grandmother, businesswoman and farm owner who has demonstrated enormous leadership in volunteer civic work at both the community and state levels. In her last bid for the 116th House seat, covering portions of south Richmond and Burk

State Rep. JOEY BRUSH, R-Appling, is campaigning for the District 24 Senate seat which comprises 10 counties, including his native Columbia County. Based on a successful House term, this family man and businessman should make a fine state senator. Brush e

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it" is a good axiom for voters in the Senate District 23 sections of Richmond, Columbia and Jefferson counties. Sen. DON CHEEKS, D-Augusta, is experienced and well-connected in Atlanta for getting things done. He's also one o

There are two men running for secretary of state, the Georgia official who polices campaign laws and oversees the state Ethics Commission. The challenger, former deputy insurance commissioner and one-time director of the state Republican Party, DAVID SHAF

With Augusta-Richmond County's expanding population and growth come increasing demands upon the resourcefulness and skills of law enforcement agencies and prosecutors. In other words, this community needs crime-fighting leadership that is equal to the fut

Sam Nunn made it easy for voters during the four terms he held Georgia's U.S. Senate seat. It didn't matter who, if anyone, was running against him. The thoughtful, knowledgeable incumbent was the natural selection whenever his name was on the ballot. Now

Prep football scores

Authority members disagree over general manager candidates

For parents of the '90s, protecting their children has become a national obsession

Josey pulls out 23rd straight win

Barrels notebook: Youth riders moving to Memphis

CIA: Nothing to hide on possible troop exposure to chemical agents

Off day can't stop Manning

Athens police visit other university towns for links to local rapes

Young people starting early on investment

'Land of fantasy' leaves Sunday

Pair of 10-year-olds buck odds in Youth barrel finals

Consumers complain most about auto dealers and work-at-home businesses

You needn't be a computer wizard to thrive in the Digital Age

Book `updates' Paul's view of women in church

Georgia a luxury for Clinton

Gators feast on Bulldogs

Canada's Tanguy rides to Seniors crown

Lost children

Elderly most apt to vote

Tech overpowered by Florida State

Parnevik earns first Masters bid

Dogs' rivalry with Florida not as intense

Defense holds for Rebels

God and elections

Bathroom fire causes $7,000 in damage at Aiken High School

Thomson gains playoff spot

AOL pricing change angers users

Endorsement - Vote Charles Norwood

Straight shooter

After this weekend, fire ants should be a thing of the past

South Carolina round up: North Augusta blows 11-point lead at home

The Marriage of Figaro

Candidate's tire pile cost taxpayers

November winning streak continues for Volunteers

School taxes to rise even if bond fails

Stackhouse proves his worth

Protests target sex shop

Forum focuses on race

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