Georgia faces tough task against Tennesee

Clemson not taking Duke lightly

Columbia school board seeks stance on religion

Phone calls could decide coach's trial

Hormone has fans, detractors

McDonald's trio offers more ... fat

Cards' Jordan right at home

Josephine aims for florida with heavy rains

Aiken schools spend majority of money in classrooms

No smokescreen here

Cigar craze sparks smuggling

Gordon highway ... or dieway?

Macro programs save time

George lets trade deadline pass

Augusta could lose Olympic rowing

Dream leads teen to write symphony

Letter suggested blackmail

Woman's car stolen with son

Request for emergency money approved

A star is born

Gun found on alternative school student

Smoltz wants payback

Downtown bazaar closed

Falcons trading George to Seattle for Mirer

Georgia and S.C. prep rankings

Atlanta Gas workers strike

School board refuses to resign

Spooky Web sites bring out the Halloween spirit

Business travelers find less luxury on the road


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