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Savannah River most polluted in Georgia

1. Mississippi River (Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kentucky and Mississippi)

2. Pacific Ocean (Oregon, Hawaii and California)

3. Ohio River (Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia and Pennsylvania)

4. Tennessee River (Tennessee)

5. Houston Ship Channel (Texas)

6. Ward Cove (Arkansas)

7. Savannah River (Georgia-South Carolina)

8. Delaware River (Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey)

9. Thames River (Connecticut)

10. Grays Harbor (Wisconsin)

Total pounds of toxic chemicals discharged into Georgia waterways by industrial plants from 1990-94, as reported to the Environmental Protection Agency by the companies themselves:

Waterway Total Discharge:

Savannah River 13,939,285
Little Attapulgus Creek 1,431,183
Withlacoochee River 737,794
Chattahoochee River 641,523
Flint River 535,393
Turtle River 482,283
Oconee River 289,138
North River 147,592
Altamaha River 143,930
Ogeechee River 106,603
Source: Environmental Working Group


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