Originally created 07/03/96

University signs stillpoint to college

A stroke of a pen felled "Augusta College" from its place on Walton Way, but it will take a brickmason and months to erase the old AC moniker.

The school on the Hill may go by Augusta State University now, but all the signs on campus still point the way to Augusta College classrooms and offices. That won't change for several more months.

"We don't have a time frame yet and we don't have a cost estimate yet," said Fred Barnabei, vice president for business and student affairs.

So the stone signs at each campus entrance become an anachronism, a reminder of the time - a scant three weeks ago - when Augusta had a college, not a university.

"It'll be a while because they're just now getting to the point where they know what needs to be ordered," said spokeswoman Marian Cheek.

Dr. Barnabei said it will be August or September before Augusta State officials have estimates on how long it will take to replace the Augusta College signs and how much such a project will cost.

When Augusta State celebrated its name change June 13, Dr. Barnabei said private donations likely would be used to pay for a new sign at the Walton Way entrance.

One campus landmark that won't need repainting or rebuilding is the water tower that stands near the McDowell Street entrance. The tower will be torn down to make room for the new science classrooms Augusta State will build.


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