Olympic TV listings

● 3 a.m.–Boxing (CNBC)

● 4–Men’s Basketball, Group A, France vs. Lithuania (NBCSPORTS, NBCBASKETBALL)

● 5:45–Women’s Field Hockey, United States vs. Australia (NBCSPORTS)

● 6:15–Men’s Basketball, Group B, Australia vs. China (NBCBASKETBALL)

● 7–Tennis (BRAVO)

● 7:15–Men’s Volleyball, Serbia vs. Germany (NBCSPORTS)

● 8–Men’s Basketball, Group A, France vs. Lithuania (same-day delay, NBCBASKETBALL)
● 8:45–Men’s Beach Volleyball (NBCSPORTS)
● 9–Men’s Water Polo, Montenegro vs. Serbia and Romania vs. Hungary (MSNBC)

● 9–Multiple Sports (TELEMUNDO)

● 9:30–Men’s Basketball, Group A, Argentina vs. Tunisia (NBCBASKETBALL)

● 9:35–Women’s Field Hockey, China vs. Netherlands (NBCSPORTS)

● 10–Swimming (NBC-Ch. 26)

● 10:15–Canoe/Kayak (NBC-Ch. 26)

● 10:30–Women’s Beach Volleyball (NBCSPORTS)

● 10:40–Swimming (NBC-Ch. 26)

● 11:30–Women’s Beach Volleyball (NBC-Ch. 26)

● 11:30–Men’s Basketball, Group B, Brazil vs. Russia (NBCSPORTS, NBCBASKETBALL)

● 11:45–Men’s Volleyball, Poland vs. Argentina (MSNBC)

● 12:30 p.m.–Swimming (NBC-Ch. 26)

● 12:45–Cycling (NBC-Ch. 26)

● 1:20–Men’s Water Polo, United States vs. Great Britain (NBC-Ch. 26)

● 1:30–Table Tennis (NBCSPORTS)

● 1:30–Equestrian (MSNBC)

● 1:30–Men’s Basketball, Group B, Brazil vs. Russia (same-day delay, NBCBASKETBALL)

● 2:20–Rowing (NBC-Ch. 26)

● 2:20–Archery (NBCSPORTS)

● 2:30–Men’s Handball, Serbia vs. Denmark (MSNBC)

● 3–Men’s Volleyball, United States vs. Brazil (NBC-Ch. 26)

● 3–Boxing (NBCSPORTS)

● 3–Men’s Basketball, Group B, Spain vs. Great Britain (NBCBASKETBALL)

● 4–Badminton (MSNBC)

● 4:30–Judo (MSNBC)

● 4:45–Shooting (NBCSPORTS)

● 5–Men’s Handball, Switzerland vs. Iceland (MSNBC)

● 5–Boxing (CNBC)

● 5:15–Men’s Basketball, Group A, United States vs. Nigeria (NBCSPORTS, NBCBASKETBALL)

● 7:15–Events TBA (NBCSPORTS)

● 8–Women’s gymnastics, all-around gold medal final; swimming, gold medal finals; men’s beach volleyball, United States vs. Czech Republic; rowing, women’s eights gold medal final (same-day tape) (NBC-Ch. 26)


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Newberry quarterback and former Strom Thurmond standout Raleigh Yeldell accepted the NCAA Division II Offensive Player of the Year award from the Eastern College Athletic Conference on Thursday night during a banquet at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. Read more