Hall of Fame QB Terry Bradshaw speaks at The Salvation Army's inaugural "Doing The Most Good" Dinner

A week ago, Terry Bradshaw stood on the field with Phil Robertson, patriarch of the Duck Dynasty family, the two former quarterbacks being honored in a pre-game ceremony at Louisiana Tech.


While Bradshaw went on to win four Super Bowls with Pittsburgh in his Hall of Fame career, he first looked up to Robertson, the starting quarterback during Bradshaw’s tenure at the Ruston, La., university. Robertson shunned the NFL and founded Duck Commander, now finding fame and fortune through reality television.

“I’m very honored to have been his backup and to have pushed him on into his duck business,” Bradshaw said, laughing. “I’m really proud of him. He’s a good man.”

Bradshaw spoke at The Salvation Army’s inaugural “Doing The Most Good” Dinner on Thursday night at the Kroc Center in front of a sell-out gathering of 400 people. Bradshaw raved about The Salvation Army and the work the organization does.

“I love what they do for people needing help,” he said. “I’m glad they brought me here to speak.”

Bradshaw, 65, is showing no signs of slowing down. A Nutrisystem spokesman, he’s best known as an award-winning broadcaster and co-host of Fox NFL Sunday. In his spare time, he’s buying land, cattle and horses, traveling to speaking engagements and creating businesses.

“Billy Graham had a saying that once you retire you start dying,” Bradshaw said. “So I don’t want to retire and start dying.”

While Bradshaw remains full of life, he’s baffled why Thomson native Ray Guy, considered by many the greatest punter ever, isn’t yet in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Guy is currently one of two senior committee nominations for the hall.

“Why don’t they put him in? We’ve never seen anybody punt like that guy,” Bradshaw said. “Ray should be in the Hall of Fame, without question. He shouldn’t be the senior guy. He should’ve been voted right in.”

While Bradshaw is sold on Guy, he isn’t as bullish on the Atlanta Falcons’ Super Bowl hopes this early in the season. He said the Falcons aren’t better than NFC foes Seattle and San Francisco through two weeks.

“When I come back here and talk to you in 10 weeks, I may have a different opinion,” he said. “But if they got into the Super Bowl, I wouldn’t be surprised. But right now, I’d put (San Francisco and Seattle) in front of them.”



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