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Four Westside wrestlers kicked off team

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Four Westside High School wrestlers have been kicked off the team after they were caught smoking marijuana.

With his team at Commerce, Ga., for a tournament, Westside coach Kevin Waters said the four students were found smoking the drug the evening of Friday, Jan. 3.

“You hope they learned from it,” Waters said. “This happened in a span of 15 minutes – look how quickly your world can change. I’m glad I caught it. Now we’re trying to deal with it.”

The coach said his team travels to go up against and see different wrestlers often, but this was the first time he’s had any type of issues like this one.

Waters said the four players who were kicked off the team will be going to the alternative school. He added he hopes the incident sent a message to the remaining 12 team members, if any was needed.

“I hope this problem can take care of the rest of them,” Waters said. “That’s the only thing we can do, is hope it never happens again.”

The undermanned Westside team will play host to a wrestling competition starting at 10 a.m. today.

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Just My Opinion
Just My Opinion 01/17/14 - 08:28 pm
Good for Coach Waters for

Good for Coach Waters for doing the right thing! No, it wasn't the easiest thing to do...that would've been to just ignore what had happened and continue the season without being undermanned. But, besides being a coach to these young men, he's also a TEACHER to this young men. Right now, his team has been given the opportunity to learn from other team member's mistakes and to see what happens when you selfishly break the rules. Good luck the rest of the season!

nocnoc 01/18/14 - 10:56 am
Agree with the Coaches actions

School Sports roles are grade school Physical leaders
They have different and higher level of responsibility to the school and student body.

oldredneckman96 01/18/14 - 11:10 am
Pot Boys

Now kick them out of school. Thumb down on this pot heads!

GiantsAllDay 01/18/14 - 11:33 am
I would kick them off the

I would kick them off the team for being stupid. Wrestlers are consistently trying to LOSE weight in order to be in the upper end of a lower weight class, thereby gaining an advantage. Why ingest a drug that gives you the munchies? Shows they only care about themselves and not the team.

YomarOfAugusta 09/23/14 - 02:42 pm
Sadly, this story is VERY incomplete.. and misleading.

I know several people involved in this debacle first-hand. I can tell you this story only scratches the surface. It's not Wayne's fault since he did reach out the families affected. They opted to not go public because they were worried about "airing out dirty laundry" or being shamed somehow.. But I will speak for them.

The situation was mishandled.

The facts were inconsistent.

Coach Water deceived students that trusted him to cover his own behind. He betrayed their trust. He spun the story.

There is nothing noble here to commend.

If he actually caught students smoking marijuana, then this would all be a moot point.. But he did not. It was circumstantial evidence. No drugs were found and the actual act was not witness first-hand. Of course, when you bully a student with priors, he will be sure to bring down others along with him to take the focus off him. That's exactly what happened.

I would link to an article that dispels any doubt but Google this phrase:

guilty until proven innocent broken rcboe tribunal system

The current tribunal system only serves to create scapegoats and a false sense of justice and due process. It's a grand spectacle. Sure, it may work a majority of the time but that's because they play the numbers. When there are root issues to be addressed or innocence to be proven, the system falls dreadfully short.

I do not wish to discredit the teachers whom serve as role models, leaders, and bastions of hope for our community.. There are certainly many that take pride in their work and do not take the responsibility lightly. There are those whom exercise great compassion alongside the sense of righteousness, justice, and fairness. Sadly, this story does not illustrate those commendable traits.

As GiantsAllDay said in the comments, if wrestlers choose to do drugs, they clearly do not possess true team spirits. Their priorities are skewed. Furthermore, extracurricular activities are a privilege, not a right.. That said, we are again assuming the whole truth has been disclosed here.

It has not.

I can tell you that several parents have taken their students out of Westside in favor of transferring or home-schooling. I heard around 70 families have done this. These are not families that have re-located, mind you. That should tell you that there is something amiss here.

Let's not glorify the actions of evil-doers at any age. The devil does not need any more help spreading evil. All must be held accountable for their actions, whether they are old or young.

I would also like to note that this article is also VERY misleading in that it states the four wrestlers were kicked off. Actually, five were *suspended* (big difference).. Interestingly enough, tribunal did not take place until around a month after the events took place.

So is Mr. Staats alluding here that he was privy to details the parents were not?

Certainly, when I attended the tribunal, I can tell you the decision was made from the very beginning. It was a huge waste of time. The panel was dismissive of the compelling facts provided in court. They were not even remotely swayed by the lawyers that were present to represent two of the students. The RCBOE tribunal makes their own laws, apparently.

I also find it interesting how quick Coach Waters was to CYA. This article only exists for damage control. Where is the feedback from the community? The parents? People outside of the RCBOE or immediate circles involved? We need that perspective.

Tsk tsk... This whole scenario is very discouraging.. Shameful, even!

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